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Boost your productivity--take a vacation!

You should take a vacation

Getting away from it all with a vacation

It’s surprisingly hard to tear myself away from work. That’s not a bad thing. I love what I do, and consider myself lucky that way. It’s also a fact that, for entrepreneurs and consultants, there’s never really any vacation time, right? It’s hard to disregard an email from a new client.

If you put off vacations, I totally get where you’re coming from. However, you might want to rethink things, since  holidays have lasting health benefits and can boost productivity.


Yes, BUT…

On the other hand, social and economic realities can make figuring out how you’re going to take a break a drag.

Who do you vacation with? Not every family or couple vacations well with each other. People who love each other dearly do not necessarily have the same approach to travelling or down time. Single people have their own hesitations about vacation time, too. The thought of heading off on one’s own can be daunting.

If coordinating life away from home is a headache – whether in terms of coordinating personalities and interests, pet care, budgeting, etc. – what about taking a series of mini-breaks. How much rest and relaxation can you get in two days? Quite a lot. Short trips require less luggage, less planning… Actually, when you think about it, the effort/relaxation ratio of short beaks is quite good.

If you have kids or a multigenerational family, home swaps might be something to look into. The advantages of staying in a fully equipped home are pretty obvious, but beyond that, having one home base that individuals or small gangs can venture out from as they wish could keep the peace and allow everyone a decent combination of liberty and family time.

Finally, if lazing on a beach is just too . . . lazy . . . for you, you might want to consider whether taking an active break as a volunteer would be the right way to re-charge your batteries.  The range of opportunities is vast: Nature lovers  and artsy types will all find lots to do.

Bon voyage!

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