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Following up on Resolutions

By Jennifer Westlake - weekly blogger.

I don’t know how you feel about them, but I have a love/hate thing with lists. Lists are great. They are concise, informative and quick to read.

However, lists and the listicles they spawn make everything look simple. Writing “to do” lists produces a sense of accomplishment before you’ve actually done anything. Doesn’t that make them rather dangerously satisfying?

And what are New Year’s resolutions if not the ultimate “to-do” list?

I remember being shocked and sheepish one June when, just as I was starting to look forward to a relaxed Montreal summer, a friend (who is a CEO – big surprise. . . not) casually mentioned that he’d just done his half-year Resolution Review and found that he was on track to accomplish all of his.


So here we are. The first month of 2017 is over. If you haven’t made progress on your personal resolutions, is there a way to breath life into them before they whither away? Sure there is!

Re-read and reconsider your resolutions. Are they achievable for you, this year? Are they concrete enough that you can track your progress while you achieve them? If not, edit them. At least 50% of good writing is even better re-writing and editing. I think the same thing applies to resolutions. Don’t give up on them without thinking them through again.

Check them for that pernicious carrot-stick dynamic. If getting there isn’t half the fun – or the whole point – why are you going there at all? Keep the carrot. Drop the stick. If you’re trying to get fit but aren’t making any progress, is it because your fitness routine feels more like work than fun? Find the activities that you can lose yourself in. Find your flow.

Instead of beating yourself up every time you don’t get something done, start tracking what you DO accomplish. If you promised yourself you’d work out three times a week, don’t put reminders down in your agenda. Just make a note every time you do it. Or, if you’re tracking professional targets, at the end of the day jot down any concrete advancements you made, whether you can summarize them in numbers or in conversations, contacts, drafts, etc.

Track your progress in real time, real space, with real people who are also trying to make good on their resolutions and targets. Our co-working community at the Halte 24-7 offers lots of opportunity for this. With so many diverse businesses and professionals in the building, we’re surrounded by people who are also working away at their goals.

On that last point, it would be great to meet up with folks here at the Halte who would like to start up an informal Resolution-Tracking Support Group. Any takers?

How do you pursue your goals? Or, if you’re in the winter doldrums, how do you get out of them?

Les réponses en français sont bienvenues, bien sure !

Let’s see how we can support each other as we make our way through 2017.

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