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Halte 24-7 celebrates coworking week !

Try the Halte 24-7 during the coworking week 

A change is as good as a rest, or so they say. We’ve all just about had it with winter. If you aren’t on vacation during the coworking week, from April 3 to 7, switch things up a bit and try out the Halte 24-7.

The bright and clean design of this space will make it an appealing spot to try out for a day or two. I think I may have mentioned before that the physical layout and design of the Halte was certainly what initially attracted me to this particular coworking space.

What’s actually more important than its good looks, though, is the psychology of this work space. A collegial work environment does wonders for morale. We are never at risk of drowning in toxic office politics, here. That fact alone makes this place worth its weight in gold, IMHO.

Being a member of a very diverse, friendly and accessible professional community is a game changer. We coworkers all benefit from having regular, friendly access to a wide variety of expertise. Fellow coworkers can become valuable allies, colleagues and clients.

Once you’ve experienced this kind of professional community, it’s easy to get evangelical about it. It’s no surprise that Coworking Week has become an international event.

Free workshop 

Free workshop during the coworking week !

Besides offering free access to workspaces (including our lounge and kitchen), during coworking week, the Halte 24-7 is offering a free passes for Maëlle Le Bras’ workshop, "Comment planifier sa prise de parole sur les réseaux sociaux ?" [How to plan your social media content] on April 3. Reserve your spot here

See you soon!

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