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Halte 24-7 introduces its new blogger - Jennifer Westlake

We’ve got a new regular feature to share! Starting this month, along with our regular French posts the Halte 24-7 website will feature English language articles written by communications consultant Jennifer Westlake.

These weekly posts will cover stories about our business community and news about Halte 24-7 events. We’ll also get into topics such as business development, productivity and communications – in other words, issues that interest us as entrepreneurs.

 Have an idea for an article? Drop us a line or contact Jennifer a line at  jenwestlake@gmail.com

About Jennifer Westlake:

I offer turnkey English communications services (language coaching, translation, writing and editing) for professionals and businesses embarking on new challenges in the English speaking world.

Writing about projects that are taking shape here at the Halte will be a real pleasure. Feel free to fill me in on any news you’d like to share with the business community.

Talk to you soon!




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