Annual membership card

What is included within the membership offer :

Access to the Halte 24-7 workspace :

- You will be entitled to 25 hours of credit to be allocated between conference rooms that can accommodate 4-6 or 10 people and / or individual days of work (free access, lounge or terrace) as desired.

-Once your bank of 25 credits is exhausted, take advantage of the member tariff when reserving rooms or working days


 Join the Halte 24-7 work community :

- You will receive 4 times a year the member's list updated

- You can list your business or expertise in the member's list

- You will be invited to join the facebook group of Halte 24-7 members where you will be welcomed to present yourself and your professionnel offers.


Participate to our exclusive members events :

- You will have the chance to select two events annually and these events will be free.

- For all the other events organized at Halte, you will receive the promotionnal codes permitting you to pay the reduce price when coming to these events such as networking, 5a7, conference and more.


Price : 


+ This price is for a 12 months membership. This fee is due when going through inscription, by check or by credit card.


Additionnal details : 

+ It is totally possible for different person within the same company to use the package of conference rooms and workspaces included in the annual membership offer. During events however, only one person can benefit of the advantages of the membership. 

+ You can reserve a workspace or a conference room by calling us at 514-524-1444, by sending us an email at or in person directly at Halte 24-7

+ We will keep track of your utilization of conference rooms and workspaces. We will send you four time a year a review of you usage along with the upcoming events and the new members. 

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