Concept Halte

Doing a quality halt, in a quality space, for an hour, a day, a month, a year and more. That's Halte 24-7.

Because every professionnal is different in terms of its habits and needs, it is impossible to create a one-size-fits-all offer that will fit everybody. For instance, some people need a quiet environment to perform, others need noise and constant contact with individuals. Our coworking therefore created a flexible offer that answers some basic needs including comfort, space, fonctionnality and design.

The basic elements of Halte 24-7 in detail

First of all, it is important to bring together in the same building a mix of closed offices, open spaces desks and conference rooms. All of offices and desks are fully furnished. The internet is fast. We have wifi and ethernet connection. It is possible to print, copy, scan and faxe. Coffee (good one) is included. In other words, all is ready for you to focus on being productive as soon as you arrive to Halte. Moreover, we want to offer the possibility of meeting clients or colleagues in a private environnement. The conference rooms have this precise role. 

To continue, our goal at Halte 24-7 is to put forward a networking philosophy between the different professionnals. This is why we have 3000 square feet of common areas for people to meet, wether it is in the business lounge, in the kitchen or on the terrace.

 The design is an important part of our concept. In collaboration with the interior design agency Comtois Design, we have been able to create an urban and chic athmostphere that will stimulate your creativity. There are a number of details that make Halte an unique venue in terms of design. From the ceramic to the colours, passing by the choice of furniture. A visit is definitely a must in order to ully grasp the concept.

It will be our pleasure to make you visit the space, making sure to explain fully the concept and the offers.