Gift Certificate

You are systematically lacking gift inspiration approching the Holiday season and you hate the last minute shopping store visit ?

You are tired of offering each year a cook book that stays on the shelf ?

The holiday season is approching fast and you are looking the original gift that really serves a purpose for the entrepreneur or business person in the family?

This year, offer a gift which makes the difference. Opt for a gift certificate applicable to the coworking space Halte 24-7. 


Why a gift certificate in the coworking space Halte 24-7 for christmas ?


It is known that attending a coworking space Halte 24-7, for a newly entrepreneur or an independant worker, helps breaking the loneliness and the daily routine, helps joining a network of diversified workers and increases the occasions for social interactions, which are all non-negligeable for business developement.

Additionnally, Halte 24-7 is an excellent destination for a business employee looking to organize a meeting outside the office, in a neutral, design and peaceful environment. 

Right now, the network of Halte 24-7 is formed by close to 50 businesses and close to 85 individuals.

How does the gift certificate work ?


The gift certificate enables you to offer to a relative an amount of money applicable on any Halte 24-7 offer, wether on a location of an individual office, a dedicated desk, a hotspot desk, on an annual membership, on a conference room rental or on any event at Halte.

How to purchase a gift certificate for Halte 24-7 Coworking ?


+ In order to purchase a gift certificate, you need to contact us by email at or by phone at 514-524-1444. We will take the time to take all the necessary informations in order to create your gift certificate.

+ Please note that we ask, when ordering the gift certificate, that a payment by credit card be made. 

+ The gift certificate, once purchased is valid until december 31st 2016, for a period of one year.