hotspot desk

How does it work ?

Set up confortably to the hotspot desk that you like the best. The hotspot zone is a dedicated zone in the building located on the ground floor near big windows where there is plenty of light.

Inquire of the business of your neighbor. Maybe you will exchange business cards and do work together in the near future?


The benefits of the hotspot desk

+ Open spaces design with a lot of light and big windows

+ Ideal for business networking. You therefore join the business community of Halte 24-7

+ Breaks the loneliness of working from home.

+ Affordable


The inclusions

+ Access to the center from 8h30 to 17h00 (access 24/7 in option)

+ Receptionnist service from 8h30 to 17h00

+ Access to the lounge

+ Access to the business terrace

+ Access to the showers

+ Access to the kitchen and to the coffee machines

+ Electricity and heating

+ Business taxes

+ Access to high speed internet via wifi or ethernet cable

+ Cleanup of the common areas

+ Surveillance cameras and alarm system


The prices 

 + Hotspot desk - 199$ + tx / mois*

* (This is for a 12 month lease, add 30$+tx/month for a 6 month lease, and 60$+tx/month for a 3 month lease)

+ 24/7 Access : + 30$+tx/month

You are considering a dedicated desk in one of the shared spaces, get some info right away.


Additionnal informations

+ Please note that this offer does not include conference room access. That option is however available in extra and payment is requiered upon usage. To get some information on the prices of conference rooms, click here.

+ The leases for hotspot desks are 3 months minimum and payments are requiered monthly by check or credit card.

+ It is possible to share a lease for a hotspot desk in open space between different people in order to maximize its utilization.

+ We are promoting the businesses and the individuals forming our business community directly on our website and physically at Halte 24-7 on our digital screen. 

+ The members of Halte 24-7 benefit from rebates when events are organizing.Take a look at our event calendar right now.

 + It is possible to complete this offer with a membership to the gym Saint-Jude. Click here to have more information about this unique offer.

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