Business community

You are dreaming about joining a diversified community of professionnals that are sharing your objectives, which are to develop your business , your business network and your skills ?

By becoming a member at Halte 24-7, you could join dozens of passionate who just like you, change their work methods and have a desire to share their expertise and join a community based on shared interests.

The promotion of the members of our business community

 The people at Halte 24-7 will make your expertise shine. We will promote that expertise in question on our website, on our social medias, on the screen behind the reception and to the other members of the coworking through our internal communications.

To add, in order to promote your personnal and professional development, you will have the privilege to assist to conferences every months oriented towards the needs of independant workers and small businesses. For more informations on our event calendar follow us on facebook and consult our webpage dedicated to Halte 24-7 events.

To finish, don't miss out on the opportunites of networking that are occuring in the open spaces of the building, whether in the business lounge, in the kitchen or on the terrace. 

Right now, here is the list (constantly changing) of the professions creating the business community of Halte 24-7

Strategic communications - Public relations - Traduction - Content management - Marketing - Consultation - WebDesign - Interior Design - Web Integration - Web developement - 2D and 3D apps - WebTV - IT - Event management and logistic - Notary - Business Law - Family Law - Tax system - Accounting - Motion design - Software development - Organisationnal development - Real Estate - Project management - Environment - Mobile apps - Blog - Telecommunications - Event planning - Sales - Photography - Recrutment - EFX, ...

At full capacity, more than an hundred professionnals will form the business community of Halte 24-7.



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