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January 10 - National Houseplant Appreciation Day

Friday January 6th, 2023, 11:45 AM

January 10 is National Houseplant Appreciation Day. Halte 24-7's offices have turned into a jungle over the past year, much to the delight of its members. Here are some of the benefits of plants in the office and at home.

- Boost productivity - Some studies have shown that indoor plants can improve productivity and performance in the workplace and at school.
Reduce anxiety - Taking care of plants provides therapeutic benefits. Like outdoor gardening, indoor gardening can help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and dementia.

- Reduce air pollutants - NASA published a study in 1989 showing that plants can improve air quality in indoor spaces. Since we all know from basic science that plants consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, this study makes sense. The more plants you have, the more effective they are at improving air quality. Some plant species are also more efficient than others. For example, Boston ferns, spider plants, ficus trees, rubber trees and bamboo palms clean the air more effectively than other plants.

- Improved humidity - Especially in drier climates and during the winter months, when plants release moisture into the air, they improve the humidity of a room. Humidity improves the comfort level of a home, and we also breathe easier when the humidity in our homes is balanced. Plus, plants look better than humidifiers.


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