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Dedicated Desk in a Coworking Space: 5 Key Benefits You Can't Miss

Wednesday August 9th, 2023, 10:00 AM

In a coworking space, we have a variety of packages to choose from. Here, we'll look at 5 good reasons why choosing a dedicated workstation desk in a shared space would be a good idea.

1- Financial situation
Although you may have a stable job, you don't necessarily have the budget to rent an entire office space. When you opt for a dedicated workstation desk, you have access to shared facilities such as meeting rooms, printers, coffee corners, kitchen, etc. It's a fixed-price package that gives you access to a wide range of services.

2- Balance and convenience
A dedicated workstation gives you a place to work other than at home. Since the dedicated workstation is the same desk for the entire duration of the contract, it enables people to visit the office on a more regular and consistent basis, without always having to look for an available workspace.

3- Zone accessibility
When you opt for a dedicated workstation in a shared area, the Halte team's wide range of services is at your disposal. These include conference rooms, a terrace, a multi-purpose room, a lounge, a kitchen, a mailbox, parcel and courier delivery to the coworking address. By paying the rent for a single office, you become a member. That said, you benefit from events in addition to the typical tools.

4- Exchange of ideas and collaboration
With several people and companies working in the same space, you can exchange, share, give advice and even collaborate. It's important to note that this encourages networking and can open up opportunities for your career.

5- Increased productivity

Sometimes we find it hard to work from home because it can take us away from the professional world. We become much more inspired to work and be productive when we have a low-cost dedicated office.

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