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Coworking is a solution to HR issues

Tuesday October 30th, 2018, 12:00 AM

The digital revolution which is happening since the late 20th century have been disrupting our relation to work. With the advent of the Internet and all the communication and information tools that followed, we have to adapt and work differently.


Thus, coworking is one of the results of this revolution. This new way of working was born to address the professional world mutations. This new labour organisation is characterized by a workspace shared by a community of professional composing a network. Therefore, the coworking space can shelter different companies from different fields and will arouse collaboration between them.

A space which is meant for workers

Today, the workers air for fitting a particular scheme – Trust, Autonomy, Responsibility. They no longer want to work for high wages at all costs but they are looking for the meaning of what they do. They want the most favourable conditions for their work in order to be able to give the best of themselves. In a coworking space, they can find the formula which will be the most adequate to their needs.

The Halte 24-7 proposes various workspace options – hotspot desks, dedicated desks, private offices and conference rooms.

A flexible and made to measure space

The digital revolution allow a new way of working – working anytime and everywhere. Consequently, working is no longer linked to a particular place where you have to go every day. Thus, the Halte 24-7 proposes a space which can be reached every time and every day in order to correspond to the members’ needs.

The coworking space provides a pied-à-terre to the workers that do not necessarily need to go to a particular place to work. They benefit from a network composed of professional from various fields and but also they can make the most of an environment suitable for creativity and productivity.

Well-being at work and coworking

At the Halte 24-7 we put the emphasis on the well-being at work in order to provide an optimal service to our members. Working days have to be pleasant for them, this is why we are planning regular events in our design and ergonomic coworking space.

It is important for a coworking space to propose events to its members. They enhance the well-being at work but they also allow the workers to enlarge their network.

Withholding the workers

Withholding the workers is a major issue in the world of work. Recruiting and training new workers are very expensive. Consequently, coworking offers all that is required to win workers’ loyalty.

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