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Développer son réseau dans un coworking : nos 4 conseils

Monday February 12th, 2024, 10:00 AM

Developing a professional network is crucial for accessing new business opportunities and improving one's skills. Coworking spaces offer these possibilities, but it's essential to seize these opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Here are 4 tips for better networking:

1. Participate in professional events organized by the coworking space:

These spaces increasingly host seminars, themed breakfasts, after-work gatherings, or informal meetings among coworkers. These occasions provide valuable insights to optimize coworking resources and enhance integration. Spontaneous coworker gatherings often occur, offering the chance to discuss specific shared interests. Make sure to note the dates of events at the Halte!

2. Understand the importance of trust and sharing:

Coworking spaces foster professional network development, but it's crucial to adopt an approach that doesn't come across as opportunistic or like an informant for competitors. Building natural relationships, especially with coworkers from different companies, requires mutual trust and a spirit of sharing. Trust is crucial for fruitful encounters, while sharing facilitates the opening of sincere and beneficial communication channels within the coworking space's internal network.

3. Integrate professional networks:

Various professional networks exist in different domains. Why not join them? For example, an entrepreneurs' club or a group of internet professionals. Choose based on your areas of interest and expertise, ensuring alignment with your personality to foster connections and build trust.

4. Utilize common areas strategically:

Avoid isolating yourself in your workspace. Utilize common areas to encourage informal interactions and exchanges with other professionals.

In conclusion, professional networking in coworking spaces like Halte 24-7 provides a dynamic platform for idea exchange, knowledge sharing, and synergy creation among members. By actively engaging in the community, coworkers can fully harness the personal and professional growth opportunities offered by this collaborative environment.

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