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The Fitzroy: Partner of the 5@7 of the Halte 24-7

Tuesday August 13th, 2019, 2:40 PM

Halt 24-7 and Fitzroy have been partners for more than a year. This collaboration allows members to enjoy several events in this essential bar on Mont-royal Avenue.

Our collaboration

Thanks to this collaboration, we can offer 5@7 to our members. The latter can gather around a beer and a pool table for friendly evenings. The Fitzroy offers us one hour of free pool that allows our members to have fun during these evenings.

The Fitzroy

The Fitzroy is above all a good atmosphere, friendships, beautiful pool games, gatherings always in good company. This bar on Mont-Royal Avenue always offers us great evenings.
The Fitzroy is meant to be warm and welcoming! The Loft, pool tables, arcade games, bar or restaurant area are there to meet all our needs.
This bar will always be the right place to come and watch a game, celebrate an occasion or simply meet up with friends.

The Halte 24-7

Halt 24-7 is a coworking, but it is also a community! We organize all types of events in order to always strengthen the links between our members. Our gatherings are very diverse: aperitifs, networking, sports, conferences, 5 to 7...

We put everything forward so that our members share good times together and learn to discover each other. The values of the Halt are collaboration and mutual support. That's why the 5@7 at the Fitzroy is always a good way to bring out these values.

We thank the whole Fitzroy team for welcoming us every month and always making us have a good time!

To find all the information about the Fitzroy you can access their website, Facebook page and Instagram.

See you soon at the Halte 24-7!

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