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Indulging in Delight: Celebrating July 20th as National Poutine Day!

Thursday July 20th, 2023, 10:00 AM

July 20th is an important day for Canadians, especially for Quebecers. It's National Poutine Day!

An International Poutine Day was proposed by Yves Beaudoin, a businessman from Warwick. Poutine Day is a celebration of the most well-known Quebecois dish in Canada. The dish combines fries, cheese, and brown gravy. You definitely don't want to miss out; it's delicious!

The 1950s saw the invention of poutine, which quickly gained popularity. This dish spread from one country to another around the world. Furthermore, poutine-focused restaurants multiplied, offering distinctive variations of Quebecois cuisine.

Today, we find all sorts of poutine with a variety of ingredients, including meat, bacon, vegetables, and more. Upscale eateries and fast-food restaurants like McDonald's both offer poutine. It now serves as an unparalleled representation of Quebecois cuisine and culture.

Poutine is said to have been invented at Jean-Paul Roy's drive-in restaurant, a resident of Drummondville. He had been serving a distinctive sauce called "Potato Sauce" with fries since 1958. After noticing that some customers were occasionally adding cheese curds to the fries, he changed the name of the dish to "cheese-potato-sauce" on the menu.

During July 20th, poutine is offered at discounted prices in restaurants and food trucks. Gathering people to enjoy this Quebecois specialty and its various variations is a joyful occasion.

If you wish to savor poutine, make the most of this day to taste the best poutines!

Some recommendations: Ma Poule Mouillée, Frite Alors!, La Banquise, Poutineville...

Link to the source article: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/oh...

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