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The South Shore, between work and life

Thursday May 16th, 2019, 7:00 AM

It has been more than a month now that the Halte 24-7 has been packing its bags on the South Shore in Longueuil. This part, connected to the island of Montreal by the famous Jacques-Cartier Bridge, is still not very prominent today. However, it has many assets and undeniable potential, both for the labour market and for living in it.

Why didn't you ever think of moving to the other side of the river?


The South Shore has a major strength, the diversity of its lands! Indeed, whether you are in love with the forest, the water or even the sensations, everything is done to feel at ease.

Let's start with mobility with car access to the island of Montreal, which can be achieved in several ways. Either by the Champlain Bridge, but also by the Jacques-Cartier Bridge or the Victoria Bridge (and soon again by the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Tunnel Bridge). In addition, the South Shore transportation network (RTL) is very well studied. A wide choice of buses is available, as well as a metro that connects Longueuil directly to Montreal, via Jean-Drapeau Park. For the more sporty, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge is open to bicycles! Allow about ten minutes for the crossing.

Once you are on the South Shore, you will also find Montreal Saint-Hubert Airport in Longueuil, which will be able to offer you both travel and the benefit of its various aviation centres. Between aerobatics, helicopter tour or parachute jump, everything is there! Pleasant cruises are possible on the St. Lawrence River, but also on the Chambly Basin and the Richelieu River. Small boat trips that should make you discover some great places.


In addition to a well thought-out mobility, the South Shore has many activities and unusual places to discover. First stop in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, on Île St-Hélène with the "La Ronde" amusement park. The rides will provide you with a thrill bath and adrenaline. As you continue your journey, you will come across Old Longueuil and walk along its charming little streets and shops. In the same theme, you can easily visit the cathedral of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue and its old stones evolving over the days.

The South Shore also features two beautiful golf courses; the first one offers a magnificent view of the Olympic Park, while the second one allows you to observe the island of Montreal from the banks of the river.

But that's not all... Indeed, in recent years, many events have been organized to attract the general public. This is the case with the Lumifest festival, which highlights many streets and buildings on the South Shore. Fireworks from Jean-Drapeau Park can also be observed from the shores of Longueuil. Watch your eyes, the show is fantastic! Let's not forget the famous Christmas market but also the exhibitions for young and old (Festival des petits bonheurs for example).

Finally, the South Shore has an indisputable advantage: it hosts several regional and national parks, including Michel Chartrand Park. Walk along the park's trails and recharge your batteries in the middle of the greenery for long hours. A program that should please the whole family!

If this article still hasn't convinced you to move to the South Shore, we remind you that it is now possible to work in our new coworking area in Longueuil. You will discover a warm coffee area adapted to the needs of the general public, during the day and in the evening. You can also take advantage of our workspaces: closed offices, dedicated workstations, shared areas and conference rooms.

Whether you are alone or as a team, Halte 24-7 will be there to welcome you, on the island of Montreal or in Longueuil!

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