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Lounge: 3 occasions

Tuesday January 16th, 2024, 9:00 AM

Among the many spaces at Halte 24-7, the lounge offers three distinct opportunities to meet your needs:

1. Intimate events for up to 40 people

The lounge transforms into a welcoming setting for private events, accommodating up to 40 people. Whether for a business event or a team meeting, this space offers the flexibility to create the perfect atmosphere.

The lounge design creates a convivial atmosphere, allowing guests to connect in a meaningful way. Modern facilities such as TV, speaker and whiteboards ensure that every detail is taken care of, allowing you to relax and enjoy your event to the full.

2. Happy Hours

The lounge also transforms into a relaxed space for the all-important 5 à 7. It's the ideal place to unwind after a busy day at work. The lounge's relaxed atmosphere creates the perfect setting for socializing, exchanging ideas or simply chilling out with colleagues. Whether you want to discuss professional projects or simply exchange anecdotes, the lounge offers the perfect environment to make your 5 à 7 memorable.

3. Open access for work or study

Apart from social events, the lounge also opens up as an open-access work or study space. Whether you're an employee, a freelancer or a student looking for a stimulating place to work, this space encourages concentration while being comfortable. The lounge features comfortable seating to make your work or study experience as productive as possible.
The lounge is a space that caters for a variety of needs. From intimate events to relaxed after-work hours and free access to work or study, this space proves to be a valuable resource for those seeking flexibility in their daily lives.

Take advantage of these unique opportunities and discover how the lounge can enrich your daily life in many ways.

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