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Members' Happy Hour - Haltegarten

Thursday October 20th, 2022, 10:04 AM

Members Night: Haltegarten

On October 4th, during our Haltegarten event, our members had the chance to discover some wonderful products in a festive atmosphere! Inspired by the German concept of the biergarten, we were able to offer the members of the Halte 24-7 a memorable evening in good company.

Thanks to the microbreweries Bockale, Dispensaire, Projet Pilote, Saint-Houblon and Siboire, they were able to try different kinds of beers and learn about these local businesses. We want to thank our sponsors for their participation in making this evening a success.

It was also an opportunity for the members of Halte 24-7 to relax after their work day and get to know each other better over a nice cold beer! After the years of the pandemic when we were not able to interact as often, it felt good for all of us to socialize and discover more about the people we share our work spaces with on a daily basis. The community spirit that is reinforced through these types of events and the opportunities for collaboration that arise from them have been a priority for us since the beginning of La Halte. It is a great pleasure to finally be able to organize such events in a safe way again!

We thank all the members who were able to attend the Haltegarten. We look forward to celebrating with you at a future event (coming very soon)!

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