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Networking Mastermind Lunch at Halte 24-7 Coworking

Monday March 20th, 2023, 10:44 AM

This week, members were able to attend a Mastermind-style networking lunch, which took place in the multifunctional room. Hosted by Philippe, we proposed a networking lunch to offer members support from their peers on different platforms (LinkedIn, Google Review, Facebook, Instagram).

Networking has become an important element in creating a successful business. And what better way to build a network than by participating in a facilitated networking lunch organized by a coworking space.

What is a Mastermind networking event?

Mastermind networking is an event where a group of professionals gather to share their knowledge and experience with others. The comfortable and professional environment of a coworking space like Halte 24-7 allows professionals to meet.

Discussions are led by a moderator who ensures that everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas and that the conversation stays focused on the topic. We will cover each platform, such as Google Review, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Each participant can give tips and tricks on the platforms. It's a good way to develop their business and personal pages and give advice to others. Members can identify some difficulties that the group may face and give advice on how to overcome them.

In addition to discussion, participants also have the opportunity to network and exchange business cards. This allows them to continue the conversation outside of the event and develop deeper business relationships. Our goal as a coworking space is to facilitate meetings and give birth to collaborations among members.

What are the benefits of Mastermind networking?

Attendees are able to gain valuable knowledge about their own business practices, as well as those of their peers. They can also expand their network and eventually form partnerships that could lead to future business opportunities.

Overall, Mastermind networking within a coworking space is a golden opportunity for professionals to connect and learn from each other. This format is intended to become a popular event for anyone looking to develop their business or learn more about different platforms.

It was a very enjoyable and enriching moment! We plan to continue the lunches on a monthly basis around various topics, an idea proposed by a member!

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