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Conference Room Series - Chapter 1: Discover the Impact of Colours

Wednesday July 17th, 2019, 9:54 AM

Conference Room Series - Chapter 1: Discover the Impact of Colours

Did you know that this specific green colour covering the walls of this room will have a great psychological impact on the way you work ?

These neutral or even earthy shades are often chosen to decorate reflection rooms because they perfectly match the changing luminosity throughout the day.

The latter, emanating from the windows situated at the ends of the room, will allow you to immerse yourself in a studious atmosphere while keeping an eye on the outside.

The height of the ceiling, embellished with a modern chandelier, reinforces this feeling of space and luminosity while the velvet seats, matching the wallpaper, embody the convivial aspect of this room.

This dark green also highlights the wooden table located in the middle of the room.

All the elements are therefore reunited for you to be able to debate or reflect on a subject in complete serenity!

It is in this new space of Halte 24-7 based on the South Shore in Longueuil, that we received the help of Caroline, from Comtois Design, who chose the services of Empire wallpaper. In this boutique, known for its expertise and its wide range of choices coming from all over the world, Comtois Design has found the right colour and patterns to adorn the walls of this room.

Thus this conference room provides an ideal atmosphere that encourages concentration and stimulates the creativity of professionals. Adjacent to the coffee area in our coworking facilities in Longueuil, always keep an eye on the outside world !

Halte 24-7 has several conference spaces in Montreal and Longueuil to be discovered in our dedicated articles. These conference rooms can accommodate from 4 to 10 people. You can book them by visiting the website or by going directly to the site !

Take the opportunity to meet your customers in a unique setting!

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