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The office that fits my needs - Indigo Construction

Thursday October 25th, 2018, 2:20 PM

High-end renovation expert, Indigo construction is a young company and in the midst of a full expansion. Thomas Morin, project manager at Indigo, has explained us the success of his team.

You work for Indigo in Montréal for few years, can you tell me more about you and your profession?

I am a French expatriate being living in Montreal. It's been three years since I settled here. Indigo Construction is a company specialised in high-end residential renovation for 10 years. We have demonstrated the ability to do all the works: from foundations to structures to finishing touches. Offering a turn-key service is our greatest asset. We emphasis customer service. Indigo’s policy is to handle the site from start to finish.

What are the developing projects for Indigo construction?

Until last year, we were focus on high-end residential renovations. Since the beginning of this year, we increase company growth identifying new directions and areas for development.

The first one is locative cottages in the Montreal area. The second one consists in work on foundation and especially on the Plateau Mont-Royal. Finally, the third one - our biggest challenge for the next months – working on commercial projects. We do have signed a contract for a theatre rehabilitation into condos.

Do these projects require a specific organisation?

Our team is made up of Guillaume DUBOIS, the founder, three project managers, one marketing manager, one Human Resources manager and one office assistant. On the field, there are ten carpenters-joiners and we work with lot of providers. Project managers are at the Halte 24-7 everyday (Emile, Kévin and I) with our two interns. Aurore manages marketing part and Justine human resources. Guillaume regularly comes.

Does that big team explain your choice for coworking?

On January 2018 we moved at the Halte 24-7. Before that, I was the project manager just with Guillaume, communication was easy. We used to go in coffees and communicate by phone. Then, to sustain our development, we hired Kévin in January. Then Emile was hired in April and our two interns successively in March and August. It was time to find a new place adapted to our needs.

How did you chose the Halte 24-7?

We had a shortlist of 6 coworking spaces. The place was a decisive criterion: it has to be on the Plateau Mont-Royal, strategic location for our projects. Guillaume visited lot of places and he finally chose a place were lot of events are planned. He also appreciated Olivier Berthiaume and Philippe Tremblay’s professionalism.

Your team is well integrated into La Halte, do you participate to events regularly?

Personally, I try to participate as often as possible. I think that it is great to meet and connect with other companies. For two years, I worked from my house or on sites, I had very few professional contacts.

Do you have an anecdote for us?

I worked with Kévin when I was in France. When Indigo was looking for a new project manager, I immediately thought to Kévin for this job. He was in Montréal for few months. We are two French working for the same company, with the same scholar background, originally from the same city. And we worked together on the other side of the Atlantic. The world is small!

Photo credit : Marie France L’Ecuyer (@mflecuyer.photographe)

We can reach Indigo Construction by mail (info@indigoconstruction.ca), by phone (514-815-9759) and on their website.

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