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The office that fits my needs - Thinkmojo

Thursday October 25th, 2018, 2:40 PM

After a year at the Halte 24-7, it is time for the founder of Thinkmojo, Sebastien Lhomme, to come back to its entrepreneurial experience. Specialized in the video and working for Silicon Valley giants, he tells us about his company 8 years after its creation.

Good morning Sébastien. I read that Thinkmojo was specialized in the production of customer experience videos. Can you tell us about it?

Our mission is to help companies with explaining their business thanks to 2 minutes videos. Most of the time they are tech companies that propose innovative products or services. They can use these videos to expose their value proposition to their customers or potential investors but also for their marketing campaigns.

Thinkmojo’s mission is to explain quickly and clearly thanks to an attractive visual.

You are the founder of this company. How did the idea come to your mind?

I started this company 8 years ago. First, we made a lot of web development, web design and some videos to explain our applications. My brother and I had our first application we were developing. We were producing concise videos to explain it and then we received plenty of demands for this kind of videos. About 6 years ago, when video production had grow and became popular, demand skyrocketed. Each and every Silicon Valley start-up wanted a video explaining its app. Therefore we chose to focus on video production.

Your main clients are located in the United States but you decided to live in Montreal. Why did you make this choice?

I was in Montreal when I first created the company and my brother was in California. We decided to incorporate the company in California since most of our clients where there. It made more sense for the clients to know that Thinkmojo was settled there. Little by little we hired almost 10 people. Today, about ten people are working for the company but located in different places between the United States and Canada.

How did you live the transition from wage-earner to entrepreneur?

I knew that it was something I wanted so everything went well. I wanted to build an experience before going into entrepreneurship hence I worked in a company. Then I negotiated with the company I was working for – I worked half-time and remotely, waiting to go into entrepreneurship. It was pretty progressive and at the time I had enough people backing me, I quit working for that company. They were aware of this plan so I was really lucky. My guess is that once you tasted to entrepreneurship, it is hard to go back to wage-earning.

Do you have any advice for someone that wants to go into entrepreneurship?

Patience and persistence – it may take several years before you find your path. For many years I was a bit of a jack of all trades. And little by little, by developing my project I found what really pleased me!

Do you have new projects for Thinkmojo?

A new service is soon to be released – we are currently renovating a website called startup-videos.com. This website is going to list all videos related to the world of tech start-up but also the marketing agencies and branding agencies. We want to provide inspirations and advices to company willing to do this kind of video. It is not always easy to be inspired but this website will gather videos to make I easier to find them.

Do companies come up to you with specific ideas in mind?

It is pretty uncommon. Most of the time they tell us what they want and what is their product or their service. According to that, we will learn how their product works, discover their market and then figure out what can be the best message and the best presentation. For instance, when it is about an abstract technology such as crypto-currency which are hard to picture, we will use animations or illustrations.

Do you take responsibility from start to finish in these projects?

No, I most of all take care of the beginning – I take notes of the product and the market for instance. I think about the script and I work a lot with the client company on their strategic point of view. Once the project is defined, I organize its realization – I chose the sound designers, the directors,… Then, I make sure that the realisation fits with the initial project.

Do you have anything to add?

I think that we have the perfect profile to fit in a coworking space since we all work in different places. In the team, some are working from home but Thinkmojo is paying the rent for those who want to work in a coworking space. It allows us to meet new people since we cannot really have a team spirit because of the distance. That is why I’d rather work in a coworking space than at home especially as I have young children and so when they come home in the afternoon it become complicated to work! (laughing)

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