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She has already booked her workspace at the Halte 24-7 Longueuil - Meeting with Nathalie Langis

Thursday March 21st, 2019, 10:00 AM

As you all now know, the opening of our new coworking space in Longueuil, on the South Shore of Montreal, is fast approaching. That is why today we have decided to meet those who have already booked their offices.

In one of our previous articles, you had the opportunity to discover the profile of Pascale Tardif, a notary by profession. It was the idea of joining a human and social community of workers that encouraged him to join the 24-7 Stop.

Today, we invite you to get to know Nathalie Langis, a leadership development expert specializing in neuroleadership, who has reserved a free space at Halte 24-7 in Longueuil.


We asked Nathalie about the reasons for her choice of coworking as a workplace. She replied that she was interested in the opportunity to meet new people and expand her network, thanks to the community of Halte 24-7's members. But she also decided to integrate our workspace to have more discipline in her schedules and to get out of isolation.

Coworking is indeed an alternative to teleworking and is appreciated for its community aspect. It also allows you to get out of your private environment, escape distraction and be more productive.


Nathalie Langis then saw in the Halte 24-7 a real opportunity: a dynamic space, conducive to productivity and networking. Through its coffee area, its various networking events and the flexibility of its offers, the Halte 24-7 was able to charm our leadership expert. To this were added the geographical location and reasonable prices of the options, but it was the dual access to the Longueuil and Montreal areas that finally convinced her.

"Access, at no additional cost, to the second coworking area, the one in Montreal, is a differentiating factor for me"

Indeed, by reserving your office in Longueuil, or by subscribing to any subscription at our offices on the South Shore, you benefit from access, at no additional cost, to our Montreal offices. You can therefore have a pied à terre in Montreal and receive, for example, some of your clients in the conference rooms of our very first coworking space.


Nathalie Langis has 20 years of experience as an organizational development consultant and manager. She is now an expert in leadership development, with a specialization in neuroleadership. Her company offers training courses in development with the objective of increasing the commitment and productive and positive energy of the organizations' management teams. It therefore aims to help leaders from different companies to manage their physical, emotional and mental energy and use it profitably.

It has chosen to opt for our open access spaces.

If you are also interested in our spaces (closed offices, free access, dedicated workstations), do not hesitate to contact us!

(514) 781 0545

You can also have more information about our general public coffee area.

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