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Difficulties encountered by the workers on the South Shore

Tuesday December 18th, 2018, 12:00 PM


Work is part of our daily lives. We organize our day in order to integrate our professional requirements. So we leave the house early in the morning depending on how much time it will take to arrive to work on time.

As a result, much of our day can be spent in transportation when our workplace is away from home or both are difficult to reach.


Many workers on the South Shore of Montreal have problems with joining their workplace. Indeed, for those working on the island of Montreal, the crossing of the St. Lawrence River is made complicated by the permanent congestion of the four bridges. In addition, with the partial closure of the four-year-old Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine Bridge-Tunnel, the situation is not yet getting better.

And the longer an employee has to travel long distances to reach his place of work, the more likely he is to arrive late because of the vagaries of the traffic. On average, a Montrealer spends 52 hours a year stuck in traffic. This also causes monstrous economic losses: $ 1,620.3 million in opportunity-cost caused by late-hour delays.

Beyond the economic aspect, the worker will think about what he could have done during this time, like spending it more with his family.

And naturally, an employee who finds his work-family balance will be more fulfilled and therefore more likely to stay true to his business.

Thus, mobility is a criterion not to be overlooked when hiring a new worker, especially when taking into account the blow of recruitment and training!


Halte 24-7 offers an optimal work space close to the workers of the South Shore of Montreal. This space is located at 1490 Chemin de Chambly in Longueuil. You will find a diversified offer of closed offices, dedicated workstations, open-access space or conference rooms.

Why not try teleworking? Whether you are employers or employees, do not hesitate to talk to each other. Telework is growing at an exponential rate since it is facilitated by all new communication tools.

In addition, being a member of Halte 24-7 Longueuil gives you access to stop by at our other location in Montreal at no extra cost, anytime you want! So, enjoy a pied-à-terre on both banks of the St. Lawrence River and optimize your work weeks at your leisure.

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