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Why should you book your space at the Halte 24-7 Longueuil ?

Wednesday December 5th, 2018, 1:51 PM

It won’t be a surprise for you if you were said that it is a daily nightmare to move in Montreal. However, what might surprise you is the figures – every year a Montreal inhabitant spends an average 57 hours in the traffic. It represents a huge loss of time and money.

And this is not about to change especially for the South Shore inhabitants! Indeed, in a few weeks, the Pont-tunnel Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine will be partially closed for 4 years. Therefore, the traffic will quickly reach its full capacity every day, causing traffic jams.

A solution to these mobility problems

In order to address this major issue, we chose to open a second coworking space on the South Shore, in Longueuil.

In a few weeks, South Shore workers will benefit from a new workplace which will be optimal and close to their living area.

You will save a precious time by booking a workspace at the Halte 24-7 Longueuil. Can you wonder what this saved time would allow you?

Flexibility and pied-à-terre on both shores of the Saint-Laurent

Furthermore, we also thought of the workers which had to regularly go to the island of Montreal. Thereby, a membership at the Halte 24-7 Longueuil will grant you access to the conference rooms and the hotspot desks at the Halte 24-7 Montreal!

Thus, you will be able to plan your working weeks as you wish, between your two coworking spaces.

Naturally, this option works also for the members of the Halte 24-7 Montreal.

An enlarged community

Consequently, joining the Halte 24-7 will grant you access to an enlarged community of professionals from various fields. With the opening of this second coworking space, the family community of the Halte will grow and cross the Saint-Laurent.

To be a member of the Halte 24-7 means having access to various entrepreneurial development activities which are proposed in our spaces. These events are the best ways to network and to meet the professionals that are surrounding you!

For more information on our coworking space project in Longueuil and to know more about our offers, feel free to contact us:

email: info.longueuil@halte24-7.com

Phone: 514-781-0545

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