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Découvrez notre Calendrier de l'Avent pour patienter avant les Fêtes !

mercredi 22 novembre 2023, 00:00

The holiday season is approaching rapidly, and at Halte 24-7 Coworking, we've prepared a special Advent calendar to make this season even more festive and memorable for our members! Each week, a series of exciting activities awaits you to celebrate the Christmas spirit in a friendly atmosphere.

First Week (December 4th to 8th):

- Tuesday, December 4th :
Following tradition, it's the day we set up our Christmas tree and all its ornaments. Our weekend elves will have decorated the Halte in the preceding days, creating a magical and festive ambiance.

- Thursday, December 7th :
Immerse yourself in the warmth of Christmas tea at the reception. Several comforting flavors for a well-deserved and enjoyable break to savor the spirit of the season.

- Friday, December 8th:
Join our act of generosity by contributing to the special collection for the Montreal Women's Center. Let's make a difference together during the holidays! To read the full article and the complete list, click here!

Second Week (December 11th to 15th):

- Tuesday, December 11th:
Express your creativity by offering personalized Christmas cards available at the reception. A charming way to send a message to a member you appreciate!

- Thursday, December 14th:
Join the Halte's Christmas evening. On the agenda: festive music, delicious snacks, and prizes to be won. An evening to strengthen bonds within our community.

- Friday, December 15th:
The day after the Christmas evening, don your most beautiful Christmas sweater and participate in our dedicated celebration day. The most beautiful sweaters will be rewarded.

Third Week (December 19th to 22nd):

- Tuesday, December 19th:
Dive into the sweetness of the holidays with the distribution of chocolates and sweet treats at the reception. A sweet break to brighten your workdays.

- Thursday, December 21st:
End the day beautifully with a complimentary end-of-day drink from Halte. A perfect opportunity to socialize and exchange end-of-year wishes.

- Friday, December 22nd:
Get ready for a special surprise from Halte to beautifully conclude this Advent calendar. It's not to be missed.

Join us during these festive weeks to create unforgettable memories and share the joy of the season with your colleagues at Halte 24-7 Coworking! Happy holidays to all! 🎄🎅✨

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