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Collaborations between members - SafeBrands et Refinepro

Tuesday September 10th, 2019, 11:28 AM

Today we are talking about a collaboration between two business leaders in the Internet sector. A chance encounter made possible by the coworking area at Halte 24-7 in Montreal.

Portraits of two IT business leaders

Charles Tiné CEO of Safebrands, a company created 20 years ago in France. The company acts on brand protection on the Internet, particularly in the face of fraudulent use of trademarks and domain names. He has been living in Montreal for 2 years.

Martin Magdinier developed RefinePro in 2014. The company has offices in Toronto and Montreal and operates with a team distributed over five continents. The company offers aggregation services from various websites and databases and helps its customers to take advantage of it by developing new products, services or knowledge.

Different and complementary skills

Since January 2019 Charles and Martin have been working together on new issues such as data recovery, brand protection and the development of modules to create innovative products. Charles, with Safebrands, has an excellent knowledge of the market and its customers. He relies on Martin to carry out certain projects, in particular the "labs" part of SafeBrands' "new products" department

The two entrepreneurs met in a shared area and began to collaborate. Charles decided to rent a private office to facilitate his frequent calls and customer meetings, but their partnership remains efficient. For Charles, the advantage of coworking is that he has all the resources on site as well as informal exchanges that avoid travel. Thanks to the 24-7 Stopover, Martin was able to integrate easily into Quebec life after his departure from Toronto.

For these two French people, the Halte 24-7 allowed them to create links more easily when they arrived in a foreign country, but also to obtain professional contacts more quickly. And since not everyone is made to work at home, coworking allows them to have a corporate atmosphere while keeping a warm one.

If you dream of being surrounded by professionals with diverse skills and different backgrounds, come and learn more by visiting us at Halte 24-7 Longueuil or Montréal and on our website.

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