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Influencer marketing - fad or real deal?

Monday October 22nd, 2018, 1:00 PM

Influencer marketing is a burning issue. Countless companies turn a blind eye on it. However, a good influencer marketing campaign can quickly bear fruits!

A study led by Tomoson underlines that for every dollar spent on an influencer marketing action, a company would gain $6.5. But you have to be well-informed!

What is an influencer marketing?

You must have noticed it recently, brands are paying through the nose to have a celebrity carry and highlight their product. Through these methods, they are certain that the latter will be seen by a large population of potential customers. Naturally, celebrities are not the only people to have this influence!

You can use a specialist in a particular field as an influencer. These people often have a real community composed of people with the same interests and following the content they are proposing.

The last option is to resorts to consumers themselves – they sometime genuinely display a product like starbucks’ cups of coffee.

Therefore, a strong knowledge of social medias is required. One can think of mastering them thanks to their personal daily use. However social medias are far more complicated than they appear. But why do we grant so much importance (and money) to this particular type of marketing?

How can my company benefit from this?

Social medias have built communities of interests thanks to the way people use them. For instance, fashion enthusiasts will end up following the same pages, the same muses and thus will be part of a more or less homogenous group. These groups are consecrated bread when one chose to lead a marketing action!

The target can be reached more easily when you resort to an influencer than when you use traditional canals such as a TV spot. Indeed, influencer often have their area of expertise and are followed for that particular expertise.

However, a difference exists between “superstars” that are followed by millions and other influencers that can have a lot less followers. The more followers someone might have, the lower the involvement rate will be and vice-versa.

Thus, a precise reflection must be done before any influencer marketing campaign. This preparation will make a difference between the companies that lead an influencer marketing campaign because it is trendy and those who are using this trend to acquire a real popularity.

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