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Plants’ benefits in your work environment

Monday January 28th, 2019, 11:30 AM


Many benefits have been attributed to plants placed in work environments. That's why Halte 24-7 has strategically placed small plants near offices and windows in its different spaces. Do you know what type of benefits vegetation can bring you?


Many studies have looked at the potential benefits of "green desks". Cardiff University in 2014, in collaboration with other institutions (University of Exeter, University of Groningen in The Netherlands; of Queensland, Australia), studied the behaviors and feelings of various workers following a change in work environment, from a lean to a green office. The results reflect an increase in concentration, productivity (+ 15%), a reduction of stress and the feeling of improvement of working conditions. You can find the complete study, The Relative Benefits of Green Versus Lean Office Space: Three Field Experiment, published on 01/09/2014 on the website of APA (American Psychological Association).


The green color has been associated for a very long time with balance and stability. It has a soothing function on the minds. This is scientifically explained by the activation of the right and left hemispheres of your brain. You would be more focused and less inclined to stress. It is also one of the colors associated with the Indian god Ganesha, symbolizing the creation and the overcoming of obstacles. Finally, the green is used in therapy to bring some inner peace by promoting optimism and letting go. Everything suggests that green would be beneficial to workers, depending on their placement in the workspaces.


Finally, plants have a beneficial effect on air quality since they act as depolluting agents. Plants interact continuously with their environment and feed on molecules (sometimes toxic ones) in the air. These are stored and, then, transformed into nutrients by the plant itself, which then releases water vapor. The air is thus relieved of certain harmful molecules and the humidity rate increases reducing for example the respiratory or cutaneous irritations. Many types of plants favor the depollution of the air. All do not act on the same molecules. The Halte 24-7 has, among other things, in its different spaces, small cacti, succulents and a spathiphyllum. They alone can fight against ammonia, formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds such as toluene, benzene and xylene, which can be released by computer equipment, papers and inks.

Therefore, Halte 24-7, by the arrangement of small plants in its workspaces, tends to improve the quality of life and work of its members. It plays on the happiness, the concentration and the health of its community.

If you want to know more about the depolluting plants and how to fight against harmful substances, Gamm Vert develops it here.

Rédigé par Maé SABY

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