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The beginning of our advent calendar

Tuesday November 29th, 2022, 8:19 PM

Christmas has begun at Halte 24-7

In order to reward our members for their loyalty and to make the wait more bearable, we have decided to set up an advent calendar.

By the way, where does the tradition of the advent calendar come from?

First of all, in religious traditions, Advent is the period when we prepare for the coming of the Lord and begins on the 4th Sunday before Christmas.

The tradition of the Advent calendar originated in Germany. In the 19th century, many families distributed holy and pious pictures to children every morning in December to keep them waiting until December 25th. Around 1850, the illustrations were carefully chosen. Some were beautifully decorated with relief, lace and even flaps that revealed a picture in the center.

But it is a German book publisher, Gehard Lang, who is responsible for our current calendar. Created in 1908, he proposed a cardboard calendar with pictures for each day until December 25th. But it is only in 1920 that we see the appearance of small windows to open day after day. And the small pieces of chocolate? We had to wait until 1958 to see the marketing of them.

For several years, the calendars do not cease evolving. Even if the chocolate remains a sure value, calendars with toys, make-up or even beer or tea.

And you, are you rather chocolate calendar or original calendar?

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