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Portrait of a woman entrepreneur - Camille Alix Lawyer

Friday March 8th, 2024, 8:00 AM

Today is International Women's Rights Day. We are pleased to introduce you to our first woman entrepreneur from La Halte, Camille Alix! She was kind enough to answer our questions, we let you discover her inspiring journey!

"I am a lawyer and family mediator. I work mainly in international, French and Quebec family law.

I was a lawyer in France before becoming a lawyer in Quebec, which explains my specialties.

My work consists of accompanying and advising people who are separating, and who have often lived or been married in countries other than Quebec."

How long have you been at Halte 24-7 Coworking?

"I have been at the Halte since the beginning of the year 2022. With COVID, I discovered telecommuting, but also its limits. After working from home, I needed to see people again."

What inspired you to become self-employed?

"I started Alix Avocate Inc. about 10 years ago now. I created my firm because I could not get hired in law firms when I arrived in Quebec. I had done all my law studies in France, and Quebec employers were afraid that I would not be able to work in Quebec. So I took advantage of the launch of the first law firm start-up grant of the Young Bar Association of Montreal to launch myself. I won the scholarship and started my law firm right away.

In the early years, I did not hesitate to go to networking events, canvas institutions, or advertise in relevant organizations, in order to develop my company. I would also take on any work that came my way, so that I could refine and then determine what I liked or didn't like. As the years went by, I specialized in my work, and my client base built up."

How do you manage your confidence in yourself and your project?

"When you are self-employed, self-confidence is built with experiences, the good and the not so good. You have to know how to make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, recognize your good and bad moves, take compliments when they come, and move forward at your own pace.

You must also know how to define and respect limits, and listen to yourself. You must not hesitate to take breaks, rest, and question yourself. This is what allows me, for my part, to manage my stress and my workload, and to balance everything with my personal life.

These are also the advices I would give to someone who wants to create his own business, or to start his own business. I would add that you also have to be willing to look for and find solutions on your own, and to work and invest yourself at certain key moments."

What do you think of this journey?

See you next week for the next portrait!

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